What is it Like Living in Assisted Living? Jean Leavitt Shares

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Posted by The Arbors on Aug 28, 2020 8:25:55 AM

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We understand what a delicate decision Senior Living can be, ESPECIALLY with our new normal.  

We also know how nerve wracking moving to a new place can be for Mom and Dad. This is surprisingly one of the most common questions we hear, will my Mom or Dad fit in?

Jean Leavitt has been our receptionist at The Arbors for the past 5 years. Jean observes other residents going out of their way to make new residents feel at home every day.  This is a story that Jean shared with me.

There was a gentleman whose name was Frank who lived at The Arbors.  After a few years of living their Frank unfortunately passed away.  When Jean and the other residents went to his wake, a resident told Jean “I will never forget the first day I arrived at The Arbors, I stepped onto the elevator with my daughter and Frank was there and he said “Welcome home!”.

When Jean told me this story, I wJean Leavitt 500x500as overcome with emotion, because to me this is what Assisted Living is all about.  What else can you say to somebody in that moment to comfort them and make them feel relaxed and safe? That resident will never forget how Frank made her feel the day she moved into The Arbors, like she was home. 

At The Arbors, this is what life is all about, being family and taking care of others. Jean sees this every day!  With The Arbors being family owned and operated, our goal is that all our residents feel like they are a part of our family. We see the camaraderie our residents have with one another, and the way they treat each other like extended family.  It warms our hearts watching the connections and relationships form with our new residents. So often this experience is at odds with living alone, somewhat isolated. Making the decision to move is always a difficult one but we feel a great sense of satisfaction when a resident moves in and thrives in a social environment.

I, myself, have witnessed Jean on many occasions welcoming a new resident on their first day.  Jean is so warm, comforting, and caring, she is our mama bear.  Jean is sure to let our new residents and their families know to give her a call her or stop by anytime and she will gladly take care of them. Now more than ever with our new norm families and residents depend on Jean for her comforting and welcoming ways. 

We see Jean reassuring new residents by reviewing the dinner menu choices with them or asking what kind of cocktail they would prefer at happy hour or taking them along to an activity.  Jean consistently goes above and beyond for all our new residents and she truly cares that they feel safe and comfortable in their new home.

She is an Arbor’s ambassador without realizing it. This is not Jean’s job; this is her home.



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