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Posted by The Arbors on Nov 10, 2020 12:16:34 PM

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By and large, however, thanking a wartime hero transcends mere words. In the same way that many believe it is their duty to defend their country, at The Arbors Assisted Living Communities, we believe it is our duty to show our appreciation, honor and respect to our heroes in the form of an assisted living community that properly welcomes and houses veterans in an environment that was built to foster independence, dignity, activity and camaraderie.

Thanking a veteran for their service is not a simple proposition. From the perspective of an individual who has never served in the military, offering a “thank you for your service” seems like the right thing to say. However, many wartime heroes do not necessarily feel they are deserving of such thanks.

Many believe it is their duty to serve their country, while others who never saw combat don’t feel deserving of such thanks. These heroes are made to feel uncomfortable when thanked for their service, while others will politely accept the warranted recognition with a humble “you’re welcome“. Naturally, there are many who welcome the accolades with open arms.

Military service brings with it a brand of camaraderie that is unmatched anywhere in the world. There is no question that our military brothers and sisters would lay down their lives for each other without thinking twice. That type of commitment and is embodied every step of the way at The Arbors Assisted Living Communities, whose doors are permanently open to our veterans. Our mission is to give back to our heroes in spades as they enjoy their golden years.

Veterans Assisted Living Benefits

Our highly trained and expert staff have financial assistance programs specifically designed for veterans in assisted living communities. These programs were designed with them in mind, since they and their families have come to us over the years in such need. Our high level of appreciation and commitment to their continued care is reflected in our dedication to honoring these fine men and women since they fought for our freedom and safety.

Veterans have access to the Aid and Attendance programs which were created by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This program offers veterans assisted living benefits and financial incentives in that you or a family member may be eligible to receive up to a total of $2,266. The way this is calculated is that the wartime hero receives $1,911 and spouse receives $1,228. These funds can be used to pay for a portion of the monthly cost of assisted living care. 

If you have questions, you can call or email the Marketing Director at an Arbors Assisted Living Community for more information.

Honoring Our Veterans

At the Arbors Assisted Living Community we have deep and sincere gratitude for those who fought for and defended our freedom and protected our way of life. Our programs were created to foster an environment that enables them to live independently among their peers in a home-style setting which brings them together with like-minded individuals in activities and lifestyles that are dignified, well-rounded and centered around health and well-being.

As an example, some of the The Arbors Assisted Living Communities offer a forum known as “vets chat“ which is hosted by our liaison during the second week of the month starting at 3:00 p.m. This offers the opportunity to share experiences and stories and to reminisce with others who also served. This harmonizers our heroes in a way that builds their bonds stronger, reaching far beyond those that already exist.

It is in this way that we take the phrase “thank you for your service“ and turn it into a tangible, worthwhile plan of action. Providing a healthy, happy home surrounded by those who have lived through and shared similar wartime experiences is the finest way to repay and honor the service our wartime heroes put in while, at the same time, thanking them with gratitude and dignity for all they have done.

Beginning this November, we are proud to offer 10% off of the rent for the first year to veterans in our assisted living facilities. As an added bonus (also for the month of November), the same offer is happily being extended to their spouses.

Veterans in Assisted Living

Overall, The Arbors Assisted Living is one of the best choices available to those who are looking for senior living. Our focus on honoring our wartime heroes is second to none, and our staff is filled with experts that are highly trained professionals who are trained in the art of support and compassion. The vast array of social and recreational activities available to our residents stimulate the mind, enhance the body and feed the soul. The Arbors is well-known as a top-tier all-inclusive assisted living facility in every way possible.

When you choose The Arbors, you are entering a facility that offers restaurant-style cuisine that promotes healthy living and is designed around the dietary needs and nutritional requirements of our residents. Our dining room is beautifully designed and encourages conversation, interaction and healthy social functioning. The dining room is only one of the amenities designed to create a home-style atmosphere. Our communities have salons for convenience and there is always a party, celebration of social gathering on the agenda to promote social unity.

All of these amenities are included in the monthly all-inclusive rate, and that is the beauty of the Arbors. Our residents can and do have it all with no additional fees required. At the Arbors, the cost of assisted living for our veterans has been simplified to make it easier for you to plan and enjoy your future.            

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