July 26, 2019    The Arbors

How These Three Families Found Assisted Living to Be Different Than What They Expected

If you haven’t been to an assisted living community before, it’s hard to know what to expect: Are residents told where to be and when? Are the staff just a bunch of Nurse Ratcheds? The mind can....

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May 31, 2019    The Arbors

For Rosemarie, Moving to The Arbors Was a Wish Come True

The day Rosemarie moved into The Arbors at Stoneham was a day for celebrating: Her wishes had come true.

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May 24, 2019    The Arbors

Mom, It’s Time for Assisted Living

Corrine Simon* and her mom, Irene Wood*, always had a wonderful mother-daughter relationship. But as Simon got busier at work and Wood started needing help with daily living, things started to....

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May 24, 2019    The Arbors

5 Reasons My Siblings and I Chose The Arbors for Our Mom

For the first time in nearly two years, Marcia and her siblings are at peace.

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