January 25, 2019    The Arbors

6 Signs It Might Be Time for Memory Care

Memory care is a special kind of long-term care designed to meet the specific needs of people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia or types of memory problems. Often housed within an....

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January 18, 2019    The Arbors

4 Things You and Your Loved One with Dementia Should Do to Get Most Out of Your Doctor's Visit

With a dementia diagnosis often comes many doctor appointments and follow-up appointments. Whether you’re working with your loved one’s primary care physician or a specialist, such as a....

Topics: dementia, elderly memory loss, Reflections Memory Care

January 11, 2019    The Arbors

Quiz: Is It Normal Memory Loss  or Early Dementia?

Forgetfulness and memory problems are normal parts of aging. However, there are also memory-related warning signs and symptoms that someone may have early dementia — and you shouldn’t ignore these....

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