January 17, 2020    The Arbors

6 Financial Tips for Paying for Assisted Living Costs

You know the benefits of assisted living. You think your mom would actually love making new friends and eating food she didn’t have to cook. But you just can’t even bring yourself to mention it....

Topics: Assisted Living, Financial Resources, Family Resources

June 14, 2019    The Arbors

But Can Your Parents Really Afford to Keep Living at Home?

Many aging parents don’t want to spend the money to move to assisted living or assume they can’t afford it. But are they — and you — aware of the financial implications of staying in their house....

Topics: Assisted Living, Financial Resources, Family Resources

April 12, 2019    The Arbors

8 Strategies for Building Consensus Among Siblings

Families with several involved siblings often have problems with disagreements and power struggles. Getting brothers and sisters all on the same page can take patience, coordination, and several....

Topics: Financial Resources, Family Resources

March 15, 2019    The Arbors

Oh, the Places You Can Go - for Professional Caregiving Help


Old habits die hard — and so do sibling dynamics. If you can’t get through the sibling meeting without you or your siblings criticizing the way you think another person is being - selfish,....

Topics: Assisted Living, Financial Resources