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Posted by The Arbors on Jul 18, 2017 2:00:00 PM

arb-the-arbors-day-trips.jpgDay trips offer opportunities to experience activities and see the sights of an area you may not have visited before. They usually include an entertaining or educational activity and a meal.

Did you know that there is actual scientific research into the benefits of day trips? A British study saw a correlation between day trips and increased physical activity among seniors.

“Strategies encouraging increased trips, particularly active or public transport trips, in OAs  [e.g., older adults] can potentially increase their PA [e.g., physical activity] and benefit public health…

“Physically active older adults have lower risk of disease including dementia, higher levels of physical and cognitive function, psychosocial well-being and independence than inactive older adults,” the study notes.

A Japanese study found that limitations and regression in activities of daily living (ADLs) were associated with lower levels of going outside the home.

The Arbors Offers Day Trips

Like most activities offered at The Arbors Assisted Living Residential Communities, the day trip program is based on this and similar research. All communities include shopping trips, with trips to local grocery stores being offered on a weekly basis.

In addition, each Arbors community develops its own unique program of day trips. For example, The Arbors at Westfield makes a stop at Fini’s for ice cream a regular trip. The Arbors at Stoughton has scheduled a trip to Castle Island near Boston, where residents will tour the property and enjoy a picnic at Sully’s. Reflections residents from The Arbors at Winthrop recently bowled at Ryan’s Amusements in Malden.

Dining Out

Dining out is an important part of day trips, because it has special benefits for older adults. Eating with friends reduces social isolation, improves well-being and builds community. Studies, among them the 20-year EPIC-Norfolk study, show that eating alone may lead to a less nutritious diet and, in the long run, malnutrition.

The Arbors at Chicopee combined food and family with a trip to 2 Guys Pizzeria, which is owned by the family of residents Maggie and Antonio. Residents of The Arbors at Taunton visited The Lobster Pot in Wareham, followed by Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream in nearby Middleborough.

Is Your Parent Getting Out Enough?

If not, consider how The Arbors Assisted Living Residential Communities can offer your parent the proven scientific benefits of day trips, as well as our other programs, which include communal dining, arts and crafts, entertainment, lectures, and films. Find out more by contacting the location closest to you.

Community Interaction

A day trip doesn’t have to be far away to be fun. Residents of The Arbors at Stoneham visited the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem and cuddled with puppies. Many attend outdoor music presentations at local parks or fundraising events for charitable organizations, such as the Alzheimer’s Association.

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