May 8, 2020    The Arbors

From Rehab to Respite: Benefits of Respite Care After a Rehab Stay

Your loved one is getting discharged from a Medicare rehab stay. You’re relieved — they’re OK! — and stressed. Now what?

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April 24, 2020    The Arbors

5 Facts About Lewy Body Dementia for Family Caregivers

If your loved one was recently diagnosed with Lewy body dementia, you might be feeling relief at finally having a diagnosis. You might also be wondering to yourself, “What do I need to know now?” 

Topics: Caregiver Resources

April 10, 2020    The Arbors

5 Tips for New Parkinson’s Disease Caregivers

If your loved one was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, your world might feel like it’s full of unknowns — and that can make the future seem scary.

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March 27, 2020    The Arbors

How Hospice Care and Assisted Living Work Hand in Hand

Most people think hospice only happens at home or in a hospice facility. But if your loved one currently lives in an assisted living community, then they are at home, and bringing hospice into....

Topics: Assisted Living