Meet Daniella Tartakovsky, the Memory Care Director of The Ivy at Watertown

Daniella Tartakovsky lived with her grandparents growing up. When her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Tartakovsky was the one who helped her pay the bills and do her taxes. “I’ve....

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6 Tips for Caring for Someone with Memory Loss

Nothing prepares you to be a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s or other types of memory loss. You’re doing your best, but it’s still stressful and confusing and sometimes feels like you just....

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Meet David Crespo, the Food Service Director of The Ivy at Watertown

David Crespo grew up with a single mom and a home full of siblings. When his mom was at night school, Crespo was in charge of cooking for the younger kids.  

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4 Things Family Caregivers Should Know About Senior Nutrition

“I’m just not hungry.” “I’ve been eating this food for 80 years, and I’m still alive, so why change now?” Sound familiar?

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