5 Fun Facts About The Ivy at Watertown

Not all assisted living in Watertown is the same. Here’s what makes The Ivy at Watertown unique.
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Fun Facts about The Ivy at Watertown

Many assisted living facilities in Watertown appear similar from the outside: They feature nice landscaping and beautiful common areas. They offer similar services and 24-hour staffing. They provide meals and activities. So what makes The Ivy at Watertown different?

Here’s a look at what makes the newest assisted living community in Watertown different from the rest.

1. There are no entrance fees and only one monthly fee

One of the first questions many older adults and their family members have about assisted living is, “How much does it cost?” The Ivy understands that everyone has different financial circumstances and that when it comes time to find an assisted living community, cost is an important factor.

That’s why there are no large entrance fees or hidden costs, and one monthly fee covers the cost of an apartment, some utilities, meals, and amenities and services, including housekeeping, laundry, personal care, recreational activities, and transportation. Known as the all-inclusive model, this pricing structure has many advantages:

2. It’s easy to move from assisted living to memory care

If your loved one is struggling with memory loss, there may come a time when they need to transition from assisted living to memory care. To make that move as seamless as possible, The Ivy at Watertown was designed so that every apartment within the community is set up with the same appliances and layout.

If memory care residents aren’t able to safely use the kitchen appliances, such as the stove or microwave, they are turned off securely by staff members. This gives memory care residents the same feeling they had in their assisted living apartments and makes the move so much easier on residents and families alike.

3. Memory care residents go on weekly outings

When memory care programs were first conceptualized decades ago, the focus was primarily on safety. There were secured doors and other devices to protect residents, and staff spent much of their days redirecting residents and managing behaviors.

At The Ivy at Watertown, the entire memory care environment was designed to encourage independence and to support residents in living fun, social, and happy lives. One of the best ways to do that is through a rich and vibrant calendar of programs, activities, and outings.

For example, at The Ivy at Watertown’s sister community in Ellington, assisted living and memory care residents recently spent the day tasting wine and nibbling on cheese, crackers, and grapes on a patio overlooking the 15-acre Brignole Vineyards.

4. Staff use holistic health care approaches to support residents

Some families worry that a move to memory care means their loved one will be ignored, mistreated, or, even worse, overmedicated. At The Ivy at Watertown, memory care staff use a variety of holistic health care approaches to support residents before they turn to medication.

For example, wandering is common among residents with memory loss. So The Ivy at Watertown offers grab-and-go meals. If a resident’s dining experience is interrupted by a need to wander or pace, food on the go allows them to walk freely and eat at the same time.

Other holistic approaches that allow residents to embrace a sense of peace and serenity might include massage, aromatherapy, tai chi or yoga.

5. The activities calendar is determined by what the residents want

When you think about the activities calendar at an assisted living facility, there are a few standards that probably come to mind: Bingo, board games, chair yoga. At The Ivy assisted living and memory care communities, the activities director spends time getting to know each resident’s passions and interests so they can match the community’s activities and programs to what the residents want.

Activities often include group discussions on current events, exercise classes, shopping, art workshops, book clubs, and lectures by guest speakers. But the calendar might also feature indoor volleyball, hot apple cider socials, “Manicures & Music,” Sunsets & Spirits,” comedy night, and pumpkin picking. It’s all up to the residents.

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