What It’s Like to Leave Home to Live Near Adult Children

Rit had never stepped foot inside The Ivy at Ellington until the day he moved from New York to the assisted living community nestled in the Connecticut River Valley.

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4 Tips for Moving an Older Parent to a Nearby Assisted Living Facility

Want your mom to be closer to her grandkids? Struggling to balance a life at home with caring for an aging parent who lives in another city or state?

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5 Tips for Celebrating Holidays in Assisted Living

You know it’s time for Mom or Dad to move to assisted living, but you really want to celebrate one more holiday at home. It sounds nice, but what happens when Mom accidentally leaves the stove on....

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3 Reasons to Move to Assisted Living Before Winter Hits

Winters in the northeast are brutal: It’s cold out. You don’t feel like doing anything. Pipes freeze. Black ice kills.

You might think that putting off the move to assisted living until after....

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