Older Readers, You're Never Too Old to Join a Book Club

Sue has belonged to book clubs for five decades. She wasn’t going to let a move to assisted living change that.

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8 Easy Ways Seniors Can Keep Their Minds Active

As your parents age, they will experience normal age-related changes to their brain. Neurons that die from “old age” aren’t replaced, and messages move between the remaining neurons at slower....

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5 Reasons Residents Love The Arbors at Dracut

Does your aging loved one resist the idea of assisted living? Still wondering if assisted living might be the right fit for a parent or spouse?

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When Is the Right Time  to Visit an Assisted Living Community for the First Time?

Jonathan Athanas, the Arbors at Dracut executive director, was recently reading the Boston Globe when he came across an article that perfectly encapsulated what he deals with at his assisted....

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