Staff at The Arbors at Dracut Goes Above & Beyond

“The love is in the little things.” Assisted living philosophy in Dracut
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According to recent research, the senior living industry has been one of the largest job creators in the United States since 1990. With the increase of job openings in assisted living communities around the nation, finding the right people for those roles can be challenging.  

Working at an assisted living community often requires a passionate, kind-hearted person motivated to make a difference in other people’s lives. You’ll find these qualities in the staff members at The Arbors at Dracut Assisted Living & Memory Care Community. It’s much more than just a “job” to them. It’s a passion to better the lives of each resident.  

 Going Above & Beyond Regular Job Responsibilities 

Jonathan Athanas, Executive Director at The Arbors at Dracut, encourages his entire team to work together as one, not individual departments.  

“Each morning we have a team meeting and the head staff member of a department talks about what their day is going to look like. It’s a chance for everyone else to know what’s going on in the community. Maybe activities needs extra help during morning exercise class, other staff members can pitch in and help out when they can. I want my staff to know they’re not ‘fighting the fight’ alone. We’re all here for each other,” says Jonathan.  

He does his part in helping out when he can as well, from cooking in the kitchen to driving the van to an outing.  

Not only do staff members lend a hand to each other out, they take the time to check in with family members of residents, too. Program Director of The Reflections, Memory Care, Kim makes it a point to let families know how their parent or loved one is doing.  

Kim says, “One of our residents, Ellie was giving her daughter a hard time anytime she visited Ellie. She would tell her daughter things like ‘I’m lonely, don’t leave me here!’ and try to make her feel guilty. But when Ellie’s daughter isn’t around, she’s doing great. So, anytime Ellie has a smile on her face during an outing or activity, I send her daughter a photo. I give her weekly updates that she’s thriving and doing great.”  

It’s the little things, like sending a text or photo to the family, that means the most.  

In the dining room, Bob Coffman, Director of Food Services at The Arbors at Dracut, also does his best to make residents happy.  

“If a resident isn’t happy with their meal options, I do what I can to make accommodations or give them another choice. It’s all about creating a positive atmosphere during their meals,” says Bob.  

No matter which department you interact with, they’re all working towards the same goal: giving each resident a high quality of life. Every staff member gladly does the “other duties as assigned” within their job description. It’s about building each other help and lending a hand up.   

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