More than Just a "Job"

Judi Parisi Activities Director at The Arbors at Dracut, shares what drove her to working at The Arbors
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The Arbors at Dracut Leadership Team in a MeetingIt doesn’t matter which staff member you talk to from The Arbors at Dracut, coming to work is more than just a “job.” They truly love the work they do and see themselves as one team, no matter their job title.

Judi Parisi, Activities Director at The Arbors at Dracut has experienced this first hand. “We’re always there for each other and checking in to see what we can do to help out. On my way to church a few Sunday’s ago (her day off), I stopped in to make sure the Mother’s Day flowers were ready for all of the residents. It’s just what we do,” says Judi.

Working Together as One Team Jonathan Athenas, Executive Director at The Arbors at Dracut, tries to set an example of helping out when needed - no matter the task. “I try and not spend a lot of time behind my desk. Every morning we have a department head meeting and I will ask if anyone needs help. I also make it around to their office at lease once a day to see how things are going. I’ve cooked in the kitchen, cleaned dishes and driven the van. I want my staff to know they’re not ‘fighting the fight’ alone,” says Jonathan. He wants his staff to succeed no matter their position – from the dietary aides to the nurses. Jonathan is willing to lend a hand where he can.

This past winter brought nasty snow storms in Dracut with multiple feet of snow and poor road conditions. Jonathan came into work early those days and picked up other staff members in the area, so they could get to work, too. “Even the 11 am shift people, I wanted to make sure they got here safely.” Other staff members also helped by shoveling snow and getting ice off the sidewalks. His mentality of working together as one team truly shows – there hasn’t been much or any turnover in his leadership team. “Most of the directors are from the Dracut or surrounding towns.

They take pride in working here. It’s not just about the paycheck, they truly have a passion for what they do,” says Jonathan. The leadership team has a chemistry unlike most. Everyone is willing to step outside of their “job description” and help each other out. And it shows.

When you step through the doors at The Arbors at Dracut, you get a cozy, home-like feel and are greeted with a friendly smile. The Arbors at Dracut celebrated their one-year anniversary (June 4) with a good old family fashion BBQ celebration on Friday, June 15. “This party was all about who we are and what we bring to Dracut – ‘family community,’” says Jonathan.

Over 150 residents, staff and community members came together like a family reunion to celebrate.

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