5 Reasons Residents Love The Arbors at Dracut

Why Arbors at Dracut Residents Love Their Assisted Living Community in the Heart of Dracut, Massachusetts
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Does your aging loved one resist the idea of assisted living? Still wondering if assisted living might be the right fit for a parent or spouse?

There are dozens of reasons to choose assisted living, from safety and socialization to transportation and peace of mind. Assisted living communities offer clear benefits that can help improve your loved one’s health, wellness, and emotional well-being thanks to daily opportunities for dining, activity, and socialization.

Here are a few of the reasons why Arbors at Dracut residents love their assisted living community, nested right in the heart of Dracut, Massachusetts.

1. It Gives You Time Back

Carole and Ray spent 68 loving years together. But toward the end of Ray’s life, Carol was his primary caregiver, and she was so busy caring for Ray that she didn’t have time to care for herself. After she moved into the Arbors at Dracut, she was able to redefine her life after the loss.

“I’m involved now with everything here,” Carole says. She helps plant flowers in the garden, plays cribbage, attends the baking class, goes to the live music each week, and enjoys seeing the featured movies in the theater.

Carole has become a social butterfly once again.Living here has changed my life,” she says. “I love that I don’t have to cook or worry about cleaning my apartment. I can spend time with friends and helping others find their happiness.”

2. You Can Still Do Whatever You Want

For many years, Helen lived in an independent living community on an island near Portland, Maine. But at 91, she didn’t want to be stranded out on the island over the long winter months. Her family didn’t want that, either, so she moved to assisted living at the Arbors at Dracut.

Helen is no longer stranded — and she still gets to spend her time however she pleases. “If you want to do things, they’re here for you to do,” she says. “If you want to stay active, you can. On the days I want some quiet time, I listen to audiobooks in my room. And I could do that all of the time if I wanted to, but I don’t. I enjoy being around others.”

3. The Staff Are Super Friendly

When Ray arrived at the Arbors at Dracut, he had no problem making new friends. “But my best friend is [Executive Director Jonathan Athanas],” Ray says. “Whenever he needs a laugh, he knows to come to me for a smart-aleck answer. We get along very well.”

That’s one thing Ray really appreciates about living at the Arbors at Dracut: the staff are always willing to help, even if they’re in the middle of something, and if they don’t know the answer, they find someone who does.

“We all know there are times where personalities interfere with the response you get,” Ray says. “If it’s a person who doesn’t like the way I comb my hair and they get irritated easily, they might not be so quick to walk me around the community to show me how to get where I’m going. That could be expected. You wouldn't even be surprised if it happened once in a while. But here, it’s never happened to me. I can’t complain about anything.”

4. It Accommodates Couples

Nearly 60 years ago, Peg and Hank promised to be true to each other in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, all the days of their lives. That’s why they’re so happy they found the Arbors at Dracut.

Peg loves to cook, and she still can in her apartment at the Arbors at Dracut. “In fact,” she says, “I’m cooking dinner tonight. We’re going to have pasta…”

“… and a nice meat sauce,” Hank interjects.

The couple appreciates how they’re able to sleep in, stay in their pajamas, and make breakfast together before joining the other residents for activities.

“It changes your lifestyle,” Hank says. “But now we have an even larger family."

5. It Feels Like Home

Helen’s favorite thing about the Arbors at Dracut — more than the pub, the movie theater, and the sunroom — is her home.

“I really love my apartment,” she says. “It’s very sunny. I’m happy to stay there and read my books and talk on the phone with my daughters. I’m just so happy here. My children can tell how much I enjoy being here. It’s a wonderful place to be. It is like one big family.”

If your mom or dad would enjoy dining on local culinary favorites, participating in engaging and enriching social opportunities, and quality personal care daily — and if you would appreciate a little peace of mind — schedule a tour of the Arbors at Dracut today.

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