Infographic: Comparing In-home Care and Assisted Living Costs

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Posted by The Arbors on Jul 30, 2018 10:11:20 PM

When your parent or loved one needs assistance in their daily life, caregivers and family members have lots of questions.

Is assisted living the right choice? Or would hiring an in-home caregiver be better? How much does it cost to get in-home care for bathing, medication management, grooming, cooking, and housekeeping? How does that compare to assisted living, which can include these same services tailored to your routine and needs?

You can use this infographic to help you compare in-home care and assisted living costs. Keep in mind the figures below represent averages for the state of Massachusetts, so consider your loved one’s actual monthly costs as well as figures for a specific community you may be considering.

Arbors_Cost_HomeCare_vs_AsstLiv v3

Choosing between assisted living and in-home care involves so many factors, both personal and financial. If you’re still unsure which is right for your family, donwload our free guide. 

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