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December 1, 2020    The Arbors

Is It Depression or Dementia?

Getting Older

It’s no secret that there is a strong connection between depression and dementia. The question is how can we differentiate between the two? And how do we know which it may be?

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November 16, 2020    The Arbors

Veteran to Veteran: An Open Letter From Our CMO, Sondra Jones

Veteran to Veteran 

When people discover I am a veteran, they often thank me for my service. For some reason it makes me feel uncomfortable. Is it just me? Sometimes I feel that I did not earn....

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November 10, 2020    The Arbors

Veterans in Assisted Living Communities

By and large, however, thanking a wartime hero transcends mere words. In the same way that many believe it is their duty to defend their country, at The Arbors Assisted Living Communities, we....

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