October 20, 2020    The Arbors

Moving to an Assisted Living Community: Will I Ever Know I Made the Right Decision?

My Story 

My name is Jason Robertson. I am one of the owner’s of The Ivy Assisted Living Residences. I work primarily on the real estate development side of the family  business. I am also the ....

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October 15, 2020    The Arbors

How Assisted Living is Different From a Nursing Home?

It is commonplace for people to use the terms "assisted living community" and "nursing home" interchangeably when referring to a place that provides care for the elderly or disabled. In fact, an....

Topics: Independent Living, Living in Assisted Living, Nursing Home

September 30, 2020    The Arbors

The Benefits of Socialization for People with Dementia

Socialization is something that everyone needs to stay healthy and happy. Social needs for dementia patients, however, are even more critical to overall health. Socializing provides those with....

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