10 Things to Do When Taking Mom Out for the Day

Have you ever hesitated to take your mom or dad along for a family activity because you were concerned about their health? If your parent needs oxygen or has difficulty walking, or has serious medical issues, you may be concerned that your planned activity may be too much for them.

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Is Medication Causing Your Parent’s Symptoms?

Seniors usually take medications for chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, arthritis or cholesterol. Half of the people older than 65 years use 5 or more prescription and over-the-counter medications per week, and 12% use 10 or more, one survey showed.

Sometimes, those medications—or the interaction among medicines—may do them more harm than good.

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8 Tips for Communicating with Your Parent’s Doctor

We all tend to perceive our parents as young and strong and vibrant...until mom falls, dad has a heart attack or some similar occurrence shakes us from our complacency.

Then we begin to be concerned. Our very first thought is usually somewhat selfish: I don't want to lose my mom or dad.

The second is usually more about them: How can I make my parents healthier and happier so they'll be around for a long time?

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