Diverse Activities Program Creates New Experiences for Residents at The Arbors at Dracut

Posted by The Arbors on Jan 26, 2018 3:05:00 PM

Senior adults enjoying the diverse activities program offerings and new experiences at The Arbors in DracutYou may know how important it is to stay as physically active as you can as you age, but are you aware of the importance of social health as well? Staying socially active can ward off depression or even dementia. But, physical changes to your health may make it more difficult to experience life the way you once did. 

Whether limited in transportation options, or simply not as mobile as you once were, staying socially active can be challenging when confined to your own home.  That’s why many seniors consider moving to a senior living community as an opportunity to reinvent themselves, or enjoy hobbies and interests they once did.

Most communities offer some sort of recreation program that allows access to events, activities, outings and transportation. The Arbors in Dracut has placed a special emphasis on creating a unique and diverse recreation program that is tailored to the interests of its residents.  Here’s a closer look at what they have to offer.

Activities to Get You Moving

Staying physically active can improve strength, decrease the risk of falls (and serious injury) and can also improve mood.  The Arbors at Dracut offers several classes residents can participate in like morning stretch, thera-band exercises, sit-er-cise, and even yoga once a month.  Activities are meant to cater to the different physical abilities residents have in the community (ranging from those who are very active to those who prefer seated exercises). 

If you are looking for a less structured environment to ‘get moving’, there are a variety of activities that residents can participate in like mini golfing, cornhole, taking a trip to the local casino, apple picking, or trips to the local beach.

The newest addition to the activities schedule this spring will be a gardening club where residents can grow a variety of flowers and vegetables in raised garden beds. 

Activities to Get You Thinking

Contrary to popular belief, the brain can adapt as we age.  If given the opportunity, an older brain can create new connections between neurons.

Whether it be playing games like dominos, Rummikub or cribbage, or working on a crossword puzzle, The Arbors in Dracut also has several intellectual activities for residents to choose from. 

For those who enjoy current events, residents can participate in reviewing what’s in the news, or looking at daily chronicles.

Also, a popular activity is the Dracut book club, where residents are currently reading The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Klein.

Activities to Make New Friends

Moving to a senior living community can be a little intimidating.  However, with a diverse activities program and a dynamic recreation director, make it much easier to make new friends. Residents at The Arbors in Dracut can visit the community’s living room chit chat activity, or can sign up for the Wednesday lunch outing to a local restaurant. 

The activities and recreation program at The Arbors in Dracut has continued to evolve since the opening of the community in 2017.  Craft-making activities are among some of the favorite activities with the women in the community.  And, the men are looking forward to a men’s group beginning in February of 2018. 

Whether looking to get back into an old hobby, or start a new one, The Arbors at Dracut offers a wide-variety of activities, outings and events for residents to participate in.

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